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All actions taken.

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You are watching January 6th hearings but there is so much to do to save our democracy.

Please ask your supporters to sign our petition to the US Senate demanding that the Senate ends the filibuster against the Voting Rights bill and sends this Bill to the floor of the US Senate for debate and a vote.

Please circulate this petition and sign it yourself.


Chief Justice Roberts has opined in several cases including Rucho and Arizona Redistricting Commission that it is up to Congress to enact time, places, and manner of voting. He stated that the State Legislatures are sovereign and the Supreme Court will not act because Congress has not acted. Unless Congress passes the Voting Rights bill: The Freedom to Vote: John R Lewis Voting Rights Act, the power to control voting rights remains with the State Legislatures and the Supreme Court will not act.

Congress has been granted the power to set times, places and manner of elections under Article 1.4 of the US Constitution. We must pass this legislation or lose our fundamental democracy.


We want to hand deliver the petitions after the 4th of July recess comes to an end to every Senator. Call them directly if you want but DO SOMETHING and ask the Senate to do its duty.

Alice Schaffer Smith

Executive Director and Founder

National Voter Corps


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