I don't know if it matters, but the area code on my phone number doesn't match my home address so I called direct. I find that it helps to mention the importance of Social Security checks when talking to Congressional staff.

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Let's also advocate the incredibly wise bicameral bills for Universal healthcare. Here is healthcare analysist Alan Unell's SubStack blog post for today, which analyzes the House bill.


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About Mika Westwolf I called and spoke with James Lapotka, the Lake County, MT Attorney. (He answered "This is James." For several minutes I didn't realize I was talking to Attorney Lapotka!)

We talked for 5 minutes. He listened to me for a short while and asked, "Where are you getting this script? I've gotten about 20 emails today saying the same thing." I said "Chop Wood, Carry Water" -- at which point he asked me to repeat that, and I told him I was afraid he might target the source. So I said it's a newsletter for justice, human rights, and democracy. Then he said there has been lots of misinformation published and posted in the last day about this case and what he's doing. He said he is proceeding with the due diligence that is required to protect each person's civil liberties. "That's how democracy works." He said all the right things. I then asked: "If the suspect in this case were a Black man, or an Indigenous person, do you think you be going about this exactly as you are now?" He replied: "Absolutely." Well, there you have it. Hmm.

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It is always good to see side by side plans of both parties before asigning blame. Thank you for the graphics

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I was very disappointed to see the photo of Rubio dressed as a nun in the old style in Sunday's newsletter. You managed to insult not nuns but lay Catholics, including many I know well. Unfair and really not smart politics. Below is a letter I wrote to the LA Times Friday regarding the Dodgers' brouhaha. Consider how you'd feel if rabbis or Buddhist priests or nuns or imams were being depicted this way. It's inconceivable, really.

I’m an elderly, left-wing, gay man who left the church over fifty years ago. I protested with Act Up in the 80’s, and I have nothing but contempt for the many reactionary policies of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. And I like a good laugh. Still, I can’t agree with Dylan Hernandez regarding the Dodgers refusal to allow an honoring of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (May 19). Sure, they're funny, but I’ve always found their act insulting to actual nuns. I’ve known many sisters over the years, and they’ve been exceptionally kind, compassionate, and selfless women. They've exemplified true spiritual living. Those I’ve known best — Agnes Anne, Elizabeth Anne, Mary Thomas, Mary Julian—had a profound influence on my life and that of many others. So, go after the bishops and the cardinals. Defend gay and trans rights from benighted church policies. And do both with passion! But leave the nuns alone. They should not be laughed at.

David Beaulieu

Los Angeles, CA

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