Jessica, as we say at the Indivisible IL phone bank, YOU ROCK.!

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Nov 10, 2022·edited Nov 10, 2022

I hope DJT announces soon. That'll scare the rest of us enough, I hope, to strengthen support for Warnock. Enough, I hope, to sink the lying, womanizing, sanctimonious, former football player.

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There are so many different organizations doing similar work (for example, sending letters/postcards). How do you determine who has the greatest need or where volunteering would be most impactful?

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Read Status Kuo on substack. (https://statuskuo.substack.com/) Today's column. He has a thoughtful approach to making an informed opinion on who will win in the last 2 of 3 states. And his answer is we will win Arizona and Nevada.

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Kevin McCarthy being beholden to Gym Jordan for the next two years upsets the stomach and the heart

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Doing 50 postcards for Warnock via Abby the Democrat (see newsletter above), and have emailed Activate America (❤️ that name! Says it all!) and they acknowledged it and are coming up with the details. Contributed money to Warnock (requested by Simon Rosenberg on Twitter). AND Vote Forward has a brand new GA campaign, letters mail Nov 29.


Thanks to the hard work of more than 40,000 Big Senders, nearly 5 million voters received letters encouraging them to participate in our democracy, and this week, we saw strong voter turnout for the midterm elections!

Now, the Georgia Senate race is headed to a runoff, and voters will decide who to send to the U.S. Senate on December 6. We'll be writing to Democratic-leaning registered voters who we think may be unlikely to vote. Will you join us to write letters to Georgia voters encouraging them to vote in this critical runoff election?

Write to GA voters link:


Because the runoff is only a few weeks away, please put your letters to Georgia voters in the mail as soon as they’re ready, but no later than Tuesday, November 29.

If a book of stamps or a letter kit would make it possible for you to participate in this letter writing campaign, please request one now! Thanks to extraordinarily generous contributions from donors across the country, we are able to offer support to a large number of volunteers. If you have friends or family who you think would write letters if the supplies were made available to them for free, send them an email now to encourage them to participate and request a letter kit or stamps. The deadline for these requests is Sunday, November 13, and we’ll send them your way next week.

Thank you for your continued commitment to supporting our democracy.

—The Vote Forward Team

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