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Well said and spot on. Thank you.

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Excellent!! Really great advice!

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Where is my newsletter I paid for?

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Jessica, if this appeals to you, please mention it at your Swing Left talk on Donating wisely:

Biden Attire Grocery Shopping, or BAGS.

My Resolution: to wear a Biden T-shirt on every grocery run until 11/5.

“Donation-wise” just $25 BUYS A SHIRT at IndivisibleMarin.org or this Etsy small business: https://www.etsy.com/listing/857835907/

You CAN wear it anywhere, of course...

But if we ALL wear it grocery shopping:

1: it’s a good media strategy to show concentrated support.

2: it’s a a bright, safe, family-oriented location.

3: just 3 Biden shirts in Krogers would make it feel like EVERYONE is in Biden shirts.

4: it’s a place where people walk toward each other multiple times so your shirt will get noticed.

5: it makes a chore feel thrilling.

6: if it becomes “a thing” it’ll be newsworthy.

7: in communities where people only watch Fox News, the grocery store may be the only place they see positive support for Biden.

8: Biden supporters don’t need to communicate his platform; just SHOW enthusiasm, momentum, and strength in numbers.

9: You’ll feel soooooo good when other people say “I like your shirt.”

10: [add your own reason]

On EVERY grocery run til 11/5, don’t forget your BAGS.

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Thanks for the pep talk!

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