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Hi there! I’m Jessica Craven. When I’m not writing this newsletter I’m either working to elect great Democratic candidates, teaching my Activism 101 workshop, or making political Tiktoks. I have a trans teenager who’s amazing, a husband who likes woodworking, and a gray tabby named Walter. There’s also a sweet dog named Dolly. This is her.

If you’re here you’ve decided you’d like to do a bit more to help our country avoid, well, a collapse into authoritarianism. Bravo! You’ve made an excellent, wise, and patriotic choice, and you’re about to start feeling a lot better about everything.

What goes on here? Well, this newsletter is dedicated to saving democracy, addressing the climate crisis, preserving our freedoms, electing better lawmakers, and, in general, creating a better country—one simple action at a time. As the author, I’m essentially a bundler. Not of donations, but of easy things each of us can do to make a difference. I do these things, too—because I want my kid to grow up in a democracy AND because doing them makes me feel less anxious. My motto? Hope is an action.

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Activist, organizer, climate hawk. Author of Chop Wood Carry Water newsletter. Political TikTok creator. Mom to a queer kid 🏳️‍⚧️. Elected member LACDP. Indivisible. She/her.