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That’s me. Jessica Craven—seen here with a box of several thousand completed postcards. This is back in 2020; I was on my way to the post office.

Did I write all those cards? No. You did. Or folks like you. All I did was bundle the blank cards up with scripts and addresses, stick them out on my porch, then ask for volunteers to help write them.

I guess you could say that’s what I do. I’m a bundler. Not of donations. But of easy actions that folks like you can do to make a difference. Of course I take a ton of actions myself, too—I spend most of my time when I’m not writing this newsletter either phonebanking, canvassing, making political Tiktoks, or helping raise money for great candidates. In fact, if you sign up as a paying subscriber—which I hope you will—you’ll be helping to fund that work, too!

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Jessica Craven 
Elected member LACDP. Creator of Chop Wood Carry Water, Activism 101 & Democracy 101. Indivisible. Climate Activist. She/her. TikTok @jesscraven101